Search Process

The Search Process

  • Client review of position responsibilities and determination of technical background and personal qualities of desirable candidates.
  • Preparation of a professional presentation to market the specific position and the client company to prospective candidates.
  • Contact our “sources” in the industry to make confidential recommendations on potential candidates. In many cases, we can pre-reference candidates and have insight about what might motivate them to seriously consider a change.
  • Assign a full-time researcher to the opening. They will generate names, contact information and basic profiles of qualified candidates. All direct contacts will be made by the search consultant handling your assignment.
  • Contact viable candidates to determine suitability and interest in the opening. Arrange confidential personal interviews with our search consultant, when possible, prior to exposure to our corporate clients.
  • Advertise in both local and trade publications to supplement recruiting and develop additional leads. This is done on a continuing basis primarily for market identification. Specific openings are most times not filled through advertising, but through specific position searches.
  • Arrange confidential first interviews. Clustering them as close as possible is recommended.
  • Prompt feedback from client and applicant is obtained. Serious interest, or lack of, is determined. Reasons pro and con clarified to determine validity. Questions and points for future clarifications are discussed from both client’s and candidate’s vantage points.
  • Arrange for final interviews with top candidates.
  • Reference checks are completed on three levels: subordinates, peers and supervisors. These references are completed in written form and submitted prior to final interviews.
  • Counteroffer attitudes are reviewed with potential hires prior to official offering of our client’s position.
  • Advise client on timing and content of offer that will be accepted.

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